New Album - Indiegogo campaign

Howdy All!

Just finished recording a dozen new original songs with my touring band for my next album! It is beautiful. 

I can't wait for you to hear this music! To do so, I need your help.


Ben is on the radio!

Ben's music is now available on Blugold Radio 99.9 FM in Eau Claire, WI. Give 'em a call at 715-461-0066 to request you some Ben Sheeeehaw!!! You can also listen online here:


New Merch(andise)

After returning from a successful Summer Tour, you too can now own what was only available on the road: CDs and T-shirts. Click the Store tab to grab some.

Sticks and Stones

I was deeply affected by the tragedy in Paris last November of 2015. Writing music is a source of healing for me and I wrote this song in response to the madness that day. Today, June 12th, another senseless tragedy…


Feet to the Fire

The long-awaited album, "Feet to the Fire," is here!!