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Sticks and Stones

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I was deeply affected by the tragedy in Paris last November of 2015. Writing music is a source of healing for me and I wrote this song in response to the madness that day. Today, June 12th, another senseless tragedy inspired by hate occurred in Florida. I have been in the midst of making a video for this song, but the release of this song cannot be delayed any more. I hope it brings you the peace and healing it has brought to me and that you will join me in the army of love.

Download here for PC/tablet only.


(It) seems the world is falling apart
Up in flames, splinters and shards.
Only love can show us the way
High above where hate does not reign.

No more walls, prisons or games
A war of love we'll wage in exchange
For the hope our children refrain
From sticks and stones

Sticks and stones

No more fists, missiles or blades
Open your arms, your enemies embrace.
Have a drink, a laugh and a smile
Step from the brink and sing with me a while.

The breeze of peace blows smoke from the fray
The winds of war disspiate
The time is now, it's not too late
Never forget
Never forget

Sticks and stones

It's up to us if tomorrow will come
Holding hands
Brothers, sisters (as) one
As we stroll up around the bend
Broken hearts on the mend.

Sticks and stones