Ben Shaw is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles and Wisconsin.

After more than 15 years writing and performing in his backyard to whomever was in earshot, Ben has now re-emerged with a batch of new songs in a soon to be released album, his strongest effort yet, which highlights his introspective songwriting infused with studio psychedelia.

 In April of 2018, Ben joined his Midwest based band mates to record his follow-up record, Bonita, at Pine Hollow Studios in Eau Claire, WI with Producer Evan Middlesworth (The National). The album was released in August of 2018.

New Album - Indiegogo campaign 

Howdy All!

Just finished recording a dozen new original songs with my touring band for my next album! It is beautiful. 

I can't wait for you to hear this music! To do so, I need your help.

Instead of using a record label, we decided to reach out to our community to help fund the project so we could make the best album possible. This crowdfunding campaign will help to raise the funds to record, mix, master, and release this album. In exchange for your help to finance this record, you will receive a variety of unique thank you gifts, depending on the amount of your donation.

I hope you join me in making this music available to your ears and the World.Here is the link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-my-next-studio-album-take-flight-headphones/x/18518093#/

Peace, Ben

Ben is on the radio! 

Ben's music is now available on Blugold Radio 99.9 FM in Eau Claire, WI. Give 'em a call at 715-461-0066 to request you some Ben Sheeeehaw!!! You can also listen online here: http://blugoldradio.org/.

New Merch(andise) 

After returning from a successful Summer Tour, you too can now own what was only available on the road: CDs and T-shirts. Click the Store tab to grab some.

Sticks and Stones 

I was deeply affected by the tragedy in Paris last November of 2015. Writing music is a source of healing for me and I wrote this song in response to the madness that day. Today, June 12th, another senseless tragedy inspired by hate occurred in Florida. I have been in the midst of making a video for this song, but the release of this song cannot be delayed any more. I hope it brings you the peace and healing it has brought to me and that you will join me in the army of love.   

Purchase a copy for PC/tablet only on my music page (http://thebenshaw.com/music). 

Will be in digital stores soon.

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