THE Story

Ben Shaw is a singer-songwriter based in the United States. Ben's music is a song-driven, modern folk where lyrical melodies are sung with barroom grit, embellished with psychedelic Americana. In 2016, after a decade or so of avoiding the spotlight, Ben released his first full length album in over 15 years, Feet to the Fire.   

Ben's first solo gig was ages ago in 1991 at the Cabin folk club on the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire campus. For the ensuing 11 years Ben had the good fortune to make music in the creatively rich music scene of Eau Claire, WI as a solo artist and in the bands Lawnmower, Ala Balik, and the Embellishment. In 2002, he moved to the west coast, inadvertently hung up his performing shoes, and became a recording engineer and a lawyer.   

Eventually, the Universe, through a series of coincidences, led Ben to a beach in Malibu, CA, where he reclaimed himself as an artist, was lovingly pushed back onto the stage, and was gently planted in the musical epicenter that is Laurel Canyon. Fortunately, in that decade or so of hiding his art from the world, he never stopped writing songs. At the dawn of 2015, Ben found himself in a funky little musical house filled with recording gear, guitar pedals, and two loving musical guides. In the ensuing 6 weeks, a spiritual, creative relationship began, which culminated in his 2016 release, Feet to the Fire, a sonic painting, which embodies the love and experiences he has been given in his life by so many.   

In 2018, Ben recorded his follow-up record, Bonita, at Pine Hollow Studios in Eau Claire, WI with Producer Evan Middlesworth (The National). The album was released in August of 2018.   

Ben has also released several singles: “Sticks and Stones” (2016), “America” (2018), “The Man with a Beard” (2018), and “Quarantine Bridge” (2021).  

Ben has collaborated on several projects including “Fading Dreams” as one half of the duo, Jill and Ben (2019), lead guitar on "Hudson River Blues" with The Kintners (2020), and sang on "Ashtray" for the Kintners' Collaborations (2022).  

Ben's concept album, The Iciclist, is in production with Jamie Hill at Department of Energy Management Studios and is set to release in 2023.