1. Bonita

From the recording Bonita

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I'd trade it all for one more dance with you.
To see your eyes sparkle their Mexican brown in my blue.
You went away before I could say, "I do."
Your heart was broken by words I had spoken, in anger, not meant for you.

On my heart I will tattoo, "Bonita, I love you."

You were my queen, I was obscene and obtuse.
I untied the knot and managed to fasten the noose.
I was so scared, quite unprepared for you.
I took our love lightly, the scene was unsightly, and now I'm here singing the blues.

On my heart I will tattoo, "Bonita, I love you."

I tried and tried to let you go.
But my heart cannot refrain.
They say time takes to heal the soul.
Until then I'll stoke the flame.

Next time the wind blows open your window and I'll sing to you
and ask for the chance to take your hand and dance with you under the moon.
And feel our hearts renewed as two lovers in tune.