1. Ma Petite

From the recording Feet to the Fire (wav version)

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Ma Petite

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I asked her, "How long should I stay?"
She said, "However long it takes."
Gladness comes to those who wait
Sadness comes to those who won't hesitate.

Nothing left to cling to inside
All the pain within you
Has laid down and died on the tide.

She said, "Come with me. It's okay."
"I'd like to teach you a couple of things."
Gladness makes your face shine
Sadness takes away all that is kind.

She said, "Give me meaning or give me death.
Life's not a screaming wasted breath."
Good night, my love. I know it's late
See you in the morning, precious Kate.

Chasing empty spaces in my mind
I'd like to fill some with your precious time.
Ma petite amour...